Intro Offer Off Peak: £45 for 45 days!

45 days of Unlimited Yoga & Movement Classes for just £45!

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If off peak classes are your thing and fit in better with your lifestyle, then sign up now for our special off peak intro offer giving you 45 days of yoga & movement classes! Off peak is any class before 5.20pm Monday to Friday. Offer applies to new students only.

(PLUS: Sign up to our monthly unlimited off peak for £85 per month while still on your intro offer and you receive your first month for £60!)


  • 45 days unlimited Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin, Handstands, Dynamic Body, and our new high energy flow class called Kula Sculpt
  • Unlimited access to state of the art studio facilities
  • Showers, shower gels, changing rooms, hair dryers
  • Comfortable chill out area to relax in and have a cup of yummy herbal tea before and after classes
  • FREE Bikram Beginner workshops which take place once every month with our highly qualified and much loved Marylou McDonnell
  • NEW FREE Vinyasa Beginner workshops which take place once every month taught by the wonderfully talented Amanda Denton
  • FREE 15 minute consultations with our therapists (Physio, chiropractic, massage, cupping, osteopathy, homeopathy, nutrition, reflexology and more)