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What to expect: Explore form, Expand Function

Dynamic Body is a complete body workout, the classes condition the body by drawing on techniques and principles from Letitia’s training as a professional dancer and experience in both Bikram and Vinyasa Yoga styles. Letitia designs her classes to strengthen, lengthen and increase range of movement in the entire body. Expect to work your core muscles, increase upper body strength and build strength and stability in the lower body. The class will culminate with deep stretches to encourage the body to open and release any lasting tension.

Letitia has a deep understanding of the body in motion, whilst training as a dancer, she explored many movement methods including release techniques, Pilate’s, Feldenkrais, Klein technique and body conditioning. These techniques have informed her approach to teaching, functionality of movement is at at the core of her classes, creating strong lean muscles that will support you in and out of the studio!

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