Siobhan Purcell

Tea & Astrology Workshop

Would you like to know more about astrology and how it can help you?

Come along and meet Siobhán Purcell, our ‘in house’ energy healer and astrologer.

She will introduce you to astrology, the significance of individual planets and how the position of the planets at the time of your birth reflect your life journey.

Siobhán will also talk about how the planets affect global consciousness and what is happening right now, particularly as Jupiter is in

Scorpio until November 2018.

There will be time for questions and discussion at the end.  You can send your birth details to Siobhan in advance and she is happy to share her insights with you on the day.

When? Saturday 24th March 2018, 1pm -2.30pm
Price? The first workshop is complimentary!