Mandala Vinyasa Journey through the Elements: Water – Hips & Groin

We are so excited to have the lovely Katarina Rayburn host her first Kula workshop this July 29th! From a dregree in phyiscs to training and working as an actress in London, teaching yoga full time has given Katarina a new lease of life and she has not looked back. Discovering the dynamic practice of Rocket yoga, Katarina was hooked. For the last 3 years, she has made an annual trip to India to deepen her own practice and to continue her training.

Based on the element specific to this particular date in the Mayan calendar, join me on a Mandala Vinyasa journey through Water!

Moving 360degrees around our mats, flowing and breathing; playfully finding space in our hips and moving deeper into our groin, working with inversions and arm balances; activating svadhisthana chakra, our emotional centre and source of creativity and fluidity.

vinyasa yogaThis 2 hour session will start and end with yin yoga to compliment the subtle and physical body that we will be working on the day. Open to all levels.

Saturday 29th July 2.30pm – 4.15pm

Ticket price: £25

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