Studio Etiquette

At BYCJ we’d like everyone to have the best possible Bikram Yoga experience. Help us achieve this by kindly observing the following:

  • Always sign in at reception at least 15 minutes before class, even if you have signed in online, to make sure you don’t lose your spot.
  • The studio is shoe free so please leave your footwear in the designated space.
  • We suggest you leave your bags in the changing rooms where there is unlocked storage but bring any valuables into the studio. There are shelves in the studio where you can store your valuables. Please note we cannot be responsible for any items lost or stolen.
  • The only items permitted in the studio are mats, towels and water or clear liquids.
  • To be kinder to the environment and your fellow students, please keep duration of showers to 2-3 minutes. Hairdryers are provided in the changing rooms.
  • Please no bikini bathing suits or just underwear! Regular swimming trunks are OK.
  • Classes start promptly at the advertised times. Please arrive early for your chosen class.
  • The yoga room is a quiet space; please no talking once you enter the room and when the class has finished, please leave quietly. Feel free to talk and get to know each other in the reception area before and after class.
  • Kindly turn your mobile phone to silent. We have wifi available if you need to use it.
  • Place a towel on your mat which can be rented from reception if you didn’t bring your own.
  • If you have had a sweaty day, kindly take a shower before class.
  • Avoid the front row until you are really familiar with the postures as people behind you will be copying you from there.
  • All classes are 90 minutes, students are expected to stay for the entire duration of the class. Please only leave the room in an emergency. Leaving the room disturbs the class. Please sit down on your mat if you feel you need to.
  • Let teachers know of any injuries or medical conditions you have before the start of class.
  • If you have any queries or concerns, please ask to speak to a manager.