Hot yoga wellbeing

Hot yoga and wellbeing

Our approach to wellbeing combines hot yoga with holistic therapies to create a powerful effect that harmonises your body and mind.

Bikram Hot Yoga

Strengthen your body & mind

The original hot yoga series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises, performed in a room heated to approximately 42°C.

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Wellbeing - Massage & Bodywork

Enhance the freedom of movement

Experience the healing power of massage and physiotherapy with an individual consultation or by signing up for one of our retreats or events.

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Wellbeing - Nutrition

Feed yourself to vitality

Create a balanced approach to nutrition and fine-tune your eating habits to find the diet that feeds the lifestyle and body you want.

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Wellbeing - Meditation

Master the power of calm

Our meditation work is based on the Siddha yoga practice and offers a route to serenity, self-composure and calm.

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Wellbeing - Psychology

Still your busy mind

Unleash a life full of possibility and promise, and build the road map to get yoursel there, at our psychology workshops.

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