Inner Mastery Workshop

Inner Mastery, Outer Mystery Kundalini Workshop


SATURDAY 17TH MARCH 2018 2.15PM – 4.15PM
SATURDAY 19TH MAY 2018 2.15PM – 4.15PM
SATURDAY 14TH JULY 2018 2.15PM – 4.15PM

Are you ready to be beautiful? Women’s outer mystery is part of her fascinating allure. Yogi Bhajan described women as “a living prayer”. Kundalini Yoga is considered to be the most ancient form of yoga as it is taught in kriyas that remain unbroken and were kept secret for 100’s of years. Harness your moon energy and connect with your beauty, radiance and mystery through this ancient practice. A kundalini workshop for women designed to master your radiant presence and manifest magic and miracles.

Actress Michele Hallak was blessed to be one of the last people in the world to train in New Mexico with Yogi Bhajan before his death in 2004 and was KYTA administrator for the entire UK until 2006. Since then Michele has continued to share Kundalini and her other trainings with her students as well as recovering from cancer through her yoga practice. Her style of teaching is warm, humorous and inclusive.

With gratitude to her teachers Yogi Bhajan, Nidhan Kaur and Stewart Gilchrist!
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