Victoria Oyler

Victoria Oyler

Vibe Leader

Im Victoria, I am the hybrid half-english, half-americano, citizen of the world!, that you’ll meet at the front desk and also teaching! I grew up training in dance and gymnastics as well as competing in swimming. I was introduced to the gym and fitness by my mother, a personal trainer, at age 15. I was addicted to every craze, cardio, cycle, HIIT, plyometric and circuit training, and even weightlifting. After many years of being so hard on my body physically and nutritionally restricting myself, I was broken. I had to take a year out of everything! Starting with meditation and quiet stretches in my own home I found yoga. I was led to do my teacher training in Rishikesh, India, where I began my yoga journey. I had done yoga before-as in a yoga class for the easy days when i didn’t want to go to the gym and just wanted to stretch. Being a dancer, i was naturally always flexible and had relative body awareness. Finding yoga through my injury, I had to relearn my whole body inside and out. I learned how to become a more mindful present person, and learned how to use that skill to stay connected in my body-no matter what movement I am doing. I have become so much stronger and in control of my body.

You will find me practicing Vinyasa most days although I am not strictly just yoga any more. I am much more interested in learning how to use my body for many movement based activities.

I am a certified teacher in Vinyasa Yoga, Kula Sculpt, and Dynamic Body.

What Hot yoga means to me: Yoga to me means taking the time to turn in, and to connect with you, your true self.

What makes me happy: a blue sky, the ocean, travelling, anything outside in the sun!