Vibe Leaders

Meet our vibe leaders. These are the guys that keep everything running smoothly. You’ll see them about the studio and if you have any questions or just fancy saying hello, don’t be shy. They’re a friendly bunch.

image of Kate Manning

Kate Manning

Front of House

Kate is a locally based actress and personal trainer. She discovered hot yoga early in 2013 after getting fed up with the British winter while training for the Paris Marathon. Having always been somewhat frenetic, hot yoga seemed to be the perfect addition to her lifestyle. She loves the strength, power and calm it brings. (Along with obviously the sweat.)

What hot yoga means to me: A whole hour and a half to take time away from the real world and challenge myself in the way nothing else can.
What makes me happy: Acting, staying healthy, family, friends, good coffee, chocolate, baking and hugs.

image of Letitia Wilkinson - Front of House

Letitia Wilkinson

Operations Assistant Manager

I’m a professional dancer and graduate of London Contemporary Dance School with First Class BA Hons. I work broadly in the performance and creative world and have worked on a variety of projects including immersive theatre, creation of dance work for theatre, research and development processes and on music videos.

Alongside dancing, I started my yoga journey six years ago and I’ve been with Kula since the beginning in 2013. I’ve found hot yoga a perfect compliment to my career as a dancer and I enjoy the pace, discipline and physical challenge of the practice.

What hot yoga means for me: An hour and a half just for ME!
What makes me happy: Good coffee, lots of food, learning about myself and my body and of course a little bit of dance to exhaust me every day of my life.

image of Clare Fettarappa - Front of House

Clare Fettarappa

Front of House & Yoga Advisor

I started hot yoga about a year and a half ago, when I was trying to find something that would help detox my mind and my body. Hot yoga was the answer, and I’ve not looked back since. I absolutely adore the studio, it’s such a positive place, a place where I get to practise but also meet and work with the most wonderful people. I’ve learnt so much both in and out of the hot room, it’s a true privilege.

I am Kula’s Yoga Advisor, which means that I’m here to answer any questions or receive any feedback you might have. I’m always around to have a chat, so don’t be shy.

image of Nicola Varchione

Nicole Varchione

Admin and Operations

I’m new to the team. I’m 24 and currently embarking on a brand new journey in the studio and in the hot room. It’s been an amazing journey so far.
I love every aspect of my job; the staff are so welcoming and supportive, the students are uplifting and a joy to be around.

Having an aunt as a yoga teacher has meant I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy practice both at home and in class. The reason I love the studio is because it allows me to feel relaxed and at home when I’m practising. I’ve been involved in the beauty industry for the past five years and the studio has shown me that feeling good inside is just as important as looking good on the outside.