yasmin soul coach


Soul Coaching & Healing

Our new therapist, Yasmin has a no nonsense, direct approach and uses humour and empathy alongside practical and energy based coaching techniques to resolve limiting beliefs in all areas of life leading to deep lasting transformations and emotional release.

Through a one hour session you will be able to experience a reading of the past, present and future which will help identify and remove energetic blocks creating healing in any area of your life that may be holding you back. Some examples in areas Yasmin can help:

Abuse, Life and Career Direction, Addiction, Physical and Emotional Trauma, Depression, Self Worth, Self Sabotage, Relationships, Finances, Grief, Health Issues, Weight Loss/Fitness Goals, Spiritual and Personal Growth, Anger

Soul Coaching & Healing prices:
£100 for 60 mins
5 sessions for £450

Stretch Therapy Energy Healing

Using gentle stretch movements whilst channelling energy, cell/muscle trauma, pain and muscle tension can be released leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and restored mentally and physically.   It is recommended that you do not have anything strenuous planned for the remainder of the day as this treatment can leaving you wanting to go to sleep!!

£80 (15 mins consultation and 45 mins treatment)

Chakra Alignment

The chakras are the alignment of the body’s energy lines, the powerhouse of energy within.  They appear energetically as wheels and can vary in the speed they turn given their life force.  The slower they turn, the more the imbalance. Using crystals and sound, perfect harmony is created within the body, chakras are restored to their happy balanced state leaving you feeling energetically balanced.

£55 for 40 mins

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