Acupuncturist and Yoga Therapist

The variety of therapeutic tools at Tissie’s disposal means that her sessions are completely catered to you and your needs, and might be very different case to case.

Tissie was inspired by traditional medicine from a young age after an experience with a Chinese herbalist. She was amazed by the doctor’s ability to observe what was going on with her body without the use of any modern tools.
Now, in her own practice, she places this type of observation at the heart of what she does.

Tissie uses a variety of traditional Eastern medicine techniques to help guide clients towards a place that feels right for them; whether that means getting them out of pain, addressing specific health concerns, de-stressing, or increasing their sense of wellbeing.

Tissie completed the longest and most accredited yoga diploma course in the UK, which qualifies her as a yoga therapist under the CNHC. The tradition in which she studies and works has a strong foundation in Ayurveda – traditional Indian medicine – which is one of the main perspectives she takes into account when working with a client.

The other tradition she uses is Chinese medicine. Tissie completed an acupuncture degree at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine; the only college which teaches both Five Elements and TCM styles of acupuncture. As part of her degree she also learnt tui na massage, gua sha, and cupping – other traditional manual therapies that complement acupuncture.


– initial consultation and session (90 minutes) – £75
– follow up visits (60 minutes) – £55.

For more information about Tissie, and to read client testimonials, please visit her website.

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