Sibel Olcer

Sibel Olcer

Hot Yoga Teacher

Share your energy and feel amazing with Sibel.

Sibel has been a hot yoga practitioner for over a decade, ever since a friend invited her to a class. She found it physically and emotionally challenging, but the next day felt great. Intrigued, she returned and over time fell in love with hot yoga.

For years she practised regularly while working in the advertising industry. The hot room was her place to go after a day in the office to have a good stretch and clear her mind. She particularly enjoyed the mental clarity and good night sleep that followed a class.

She took a break from hot yoga while she was pregnant. But six weeks after her son’s birth in 2009, she was back in the hot room. She was exhausted, weak, stiff and couldn’t even touch her toes. But after that first class back, she knew the time had come to deepen her understanding of hot yoga and share the benefits with others. She attended the Teacher Training program in LA in 2011, and has been sharing what she learnt with others ever since.