Marylou Mcdonnell

Marylou McDonnell

Hot Yoga & Yin Teacher

Boost your confidence, motivation and happiness with Marylou.

Marylou has the same hope for her students that she has for herself; that they walk out of the hot room feeling amazing and already looking forward to their next class. Her goal as a teacher is to give clear, motivational direction, so that her students have the confidence in her and in themselves to trust what she asks them to do. She builds an active dialogue between herself and her students enabling a wonderful group energy to be shared. She does this by closely observing her students and responding to what she sees – this becomes even more powerful as she gets to know her students, class after class.

Every time Marylou walks into the hot room to teach, she feels excited and grateful. She’s immediately drawn outside of herself, towards the students and their experience. She shows great respect for everyone in the room and knows that each student’s experience is unique to them.

What hot yoga means to me: Well-being.
What makes me happy: Making others happy.