Gerry Lopez

Gerry Lopez

Studio Director and Hot Yoga Teacher

Connect to your stillness in Gerry’s class.

Gerry discovered hot yoga in 2004 and after just one class he was hooked. At the time, he was training to run a marathon and the hot yoga class left him feeling amazing well. Not just mentally; he felt a huge improvement in his flexibility too.

In 2011, he’d been working in financial markets for many years but wanted to make a more positive contribution to the world. So he decided to become a hot yoga teacher. He wanted to share the life-changing benefits that hot yoga brought into his life with others.

He decided the next step in his path was to open a hot yoga school: to create a space to share what he’s learnt.
This is how Kula was born. Its name is based on a Sanskrit word, meaning an intentional community where people gather to thrive and nurture. Kula brings complementary offerings such as massage and bodywork, meditation, nutrition and psychology.

Gerry’s vision for Kula is to be a space for inner joy. A place where you can leave the world behind.

What hot yoga means to me: Equilibrium, a clear mind and a strong and flexible body.
What makes me happy: My family, open spaces, being alive.