Beth Crivelli

Beth Crivelli – Lead Instructor

Vinyasa, Hot Yoga & Kula Sculpt Teacher

Unlock your motivation and potential with Beth.

Beth knows that practising can be hard (especially at the start). But she does everything she can to encourage students to stick at it.

The first time she walked into the hot room, she thought she was invincible. She’d spent years in hardcore competition swimming and running and was convinced that no physical activity was insurmountable, especially not yoga. She was wrong.

When the wave of hot air hit, she thought there was no way she could exercise in there for 90 minutes. Somehow, she managed it. And every time she found herself in the room she enjoyed it a bit more, felt a bit stronger, stopped looking at the clock and started listening to the teacher.

Disenchanted by her fashion career, she decided to swap luxury rags for sweaty shorts and became a hot yoga teacher.
What hot yoga means to me: It continuously challenges you. It changes and shapes you in ways you will not believe.