Inspiration Leaders (Yoga Teachers)

We’d like to introduce you to our world-class teaching team.
Here’s a little bit of background about each one, plus a sneak preview of what you can expect when you step into the hot room with them for the first time.

image of Gerry Lopez

Gerry Lopez

Studio Director,  Hot Yoga & Kula Sculpt Teacher

Connect to your stillness in Gerry’s class.

Gerry discovered hot yoga in 2004 and after just one class he was hooked. At the time, he was training to run a marathon and the hot yoga class left him feeling amazing well. Not just mentally; he felt a huge improvement in his flexibility too.

In 2011, he’d been working in financial markets for many years but wanted to make a more positive contribution to the world. So he decided to become a hot yoga teacher. He wanted to share the life-changing benefits that hot yoga brought into his life with others.

He decided the next step in his path was to open a hot yoga school: to create a space to share what he’s learnt.
This is how Kula was born. Its name is based on a Sanskrit word, meaning an intentional community where people gather to thrive and nurture. Kula brings complementary offerings such as massage and bodywork, meditation, nutrition and psychology.

Gerry’s vision for Kula is to be a space for inner joy. A place where you can leave the world behind.

What hot yoga means to me: Equilibrium, a clear mind and a strong and flexible body.
What makes me happy: My family, open spaces, being alive.

image of Michelle Varchione

Michelle Varchione

Vinyasa & Hot Yoga teacher

Feel completely re-energized with Michelle’s bolt of Energy.

Michelle encourages you to reach your potential.

She fell in love with hot yoga in 2008, after her very first class. As a qualified gym, spin and aerobics instructor, she’d tried many forms of exercise. But none had the same lasting effect on her mind and body.

After four years of being a student, she decided to leave the corporate life behind and resigned from her job in the city. She followed her dream, went to LA and graduated as a Bikram Yoga teacher in the fall of 2012. Since then, she’s taught in New York, Kentucky, London and Liverpool.

What hot yoga means to me: Healing.
What makes me happy: Smiling, happy faces.

image of Sam Magee Bikram yoga teacher

Sam Magee – Bikram Teacher

Hot Yoga Teacher – Expert in Pregnant and Post-Natal students. Expert in dealing with injuries and rehabilitation

Explore and develop your asana and breathing practices in Sam’s class.

Sam loves to inspire new students and regular practitioners to enjoy their yoga journey. Her classes are insightful, invigorating, transformative and healing (not forgetting fun).

She came to hot yoga after suffering from chronic fatigue and found that yoga practice helped her to heal her body and restore her natural energy. It also helped her through her pregnancy and recovery.

She’s been practising and teaching hot yoga for over 10 years. She’s judged the UK and European Asana championships and helped to train advanced practitioners. She’s an experienced teacher of children’s and pre/post natal yoga and has recently published, “Pregnancy Yoga” and in 2009, “Yoga Made Easy”. She’s also a regular contributor to Yoga Magazine.

What hot yoga means to me: Healing and balance of both the mind and body.
What makes me happy: My son, nature, good friends, family and helping others.

Michael Eley

Michael Eley

Vinyasa & Hot Yoga Teacher

You can’t live the same moment twice. That’s why no two of Michael’s yoga classes are ever the same. If you really want to know what his classes are like, the only way to find out is to step into the hot room with him!

Michael first went to a yoga class in 2001. In 2009 he went to the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Las Vegas, where he met his wonderful wife Sindy (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas). He continues to study and practise to deepen his knowledge and understanding, and teaches various types of yoga all over London.

Sindy Haque

Sindy Haque

Hot Yoga Teacher

Sindy strongly believes if she can do yoga, ANYONE can do yoga.

Years of battering her body through high impact sports such as athletics and volleyball, meant physically she’d been through the mill.

After surviving the 2004 tsunami, Sindy suffered quite a lot of trauma in her body and mind. For a while she messed around trying some “yoga moves” on a beach in Thailand and then a friend suggested she try it for real. For the first time she felt a sense of calm; how her body changed was an added bonus.

Sindy has been teaching full time since 2009 and has also qualified in advanced personal training. She’s always looking to educate herself further so she can deepen her knowledge, stay connected and teach her students to the very best of her ability.


Krzysztof Grabowski

Hot Yoga Teacher

Krzysztof started his yoga journey back in 2003 with Sivananda Organisation. After practicing Hatha Yoga for three years, life got in the way of his practice, and he stopped. But, his body really missed yoga.

He became intrigued by the concept of hot yoga. From the first second he tried it, he knew it was the right choice for him. It not only had a great impact on his back problems, it also gave him focus and, in his words, ‘kept me sane’. He realised that the sequence of postures, practised regularly brings different benefits to each person, depending upon their wants and needs.

It influenced his life so much, that after six months of regular practice he decided to go to teacher training. He graduated in Spring 2011 and has been teaching ever since.

image of Beth Crivelli

Beth Crivelli

Vinyasa & Hot Yoga Teacher

Unlock your motivation and potential with Beth.

Beth knows that practising can be hard (especially at the start). But she does everything she can to encourage students to stick at it.

The first time she walked into the hot room, she thought she was invincible. She’d spent years in hardcore competition swimming and running and was convinced that no physical activity was insurmountable, especially not yoga. She was wrong.

When the wave of hot air hit, she thought there was no way she could exercise in there for 90 minutes. Somehow, she managed it. And every time she found herself in the room she enjoyed it a bit more, felt a bit stronger, stopped looking at the clock and started listening to the teacher.

Disenchanted by her fashion career, she decided to swap luxury rags for sweaty shorts and became a hot yoga teacher.
What hot yoga means to me: It continuously challenges you. It changes and shapes you in ways you will not believe.

Sibel Olcer

Sibel Olcer

Hot Yoga Teacher

Share your energy and feel amazing with Sibel.

Sibel has been a hot yoga practitioner for over a decade, ever since a friend invited her to a class. She found it physically and emotionally challenging, but the next day felt great. Intrigued, she returned and over time fell in love with hot yoga.

For years she practised regularly while working in the advertising industry. The hot room was her place to go after a day in the office to have a good stretch and clear her mind. She particularly enjoyed the mental clarity and good night sleep that followed a class.

She took a break from hot yoga while she was pregnant. But six weeks after her son’s birth in 2009, she was back in the hot room. She was exhausted, weak, stiff and couldn’t even touch her toes. But after that first class back, she knew the time had come to deepen her understanding of hot yoga and share the benefits with others. She attended the Teacher Training program in LA in 2011, and has been sharing what she learnt with others ever since.

Ufuoma Asagba

Ufuoma Asagba

Hot Yoga Teacher

Achieve your true potential with Ufuoma.

Ufuoma believes that the physical and mental benefits of hot yoga are endless, and finds it a joy to share them with others and see the impact they make.

She ran out of her very first Yoga class but managed to return, once she realised she wasn’t actually dying! And to her surprise, she finished it feeling very well worked and incredibly calm.

This feeling is what bought her back to class the next day, and day after day from that point onwards.

She loves the physical intensity, and the mental calmness the practice brings. Through strong focus, and meditation, it has bought her calmness, and given her a clarity of mind that she’s been able to integrate into her everyday life.

image of Iris

Iris Grethmann

Hot Yoga Teacher

Experience the mental and physical healing benefits of hot yoga with Iris.

Iris was born and raised in Germany and moved to London in 2004. She started doing hot yoga in 2010, after a friend recommended it for her ongoing back problems. Having suffered from lower back issues, sciatica and knee pain for years, she felt immediate relief and improvement despite the initially challenging heat. Through regular practice (and a lot of sweat), she now feels healthier, more focused and balanced than ever.

What hot yoga means to me: Strength and flexibility, healing and patience.
What makes me happy: Life and laughter

Sarka Sarka Komurkova – Hot Yoga Teacher

Sharky Komurkova

Hot Yoga Teacher

Feel calm, happy, uplifted and motivated with Sarka.

Sarka’s originally from Czech Republic. A friend took her to a hot yoga class for the first time in 2005. But it wasn’t love at first sight. After a long break, she returned to the hot room in August 2011 and soon became addicted, doing the 30, 60 and over 100-day challenges, as well as taking up the challenge of doing six classes in one day across six different studios.

Hot yoga has helped her become calmer, more focused and stronger. In September 2014, she finally made it to Bikram yoga Teacher Training in Thailand so she could help other people feel the benefits of the practice in their own lives, too.

Marylou McDonnell

Hot Yoga & Yin Teacher

Boost your confidence, motivation and happiness with Marylou.

Marylou has the same hope for her students that she has for herself; that they walk out of the hot room feeling amazing and already looking forward to their next class. Her goal as a teacher is to give clear, motivational direction, so that her students have the confidence in her and in themselves to trust what she asks them to do. She builds an active dialogue between herself and her students enabling a wonderful group energy to be shared. She does this by closely observing her students and responding to what she sees – this becomes even more powerful as she gets to know her students, class after class.

Every time Marylou walks into the hot room to teach, she feels excited and grateful. She’s immediately drawn outside of herself, towards the students and their experience. She shows great respect for everyone in the room and knows that each student’s experience is unique to them.

What hot yoga means to me: Well-being.
What makes me happy: Making others happy.


Paul Gerrard

Bikram Yoga Teacher

I practiced my first Bikram Method class in London, twelve years ago. The benefits were immediate, especially to long-standing injuries. I had broken both my legs, injured my knees and locked my hips from nearly twenty years of playing sport. Yoga helped more than any therapist or treatment that I had ever experienced. I also felt calmer, happier and more energised from practicing the twenty six postures and two breathing exercises.

In 2006, I became a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor and subsequently taught in the UK, USA and Asia before moving to live and teach in Australia. More recently, I’ve gained 500 hour accreditation with the Yoga Alliance and coach trainees at The Raja Yoga Academy. I regularly return to London to spend time with family and am delighted to teach at Kula.Apart from teaching yoga, I work as an actor and presenter, having trained in London and Sydney. I enjoy all disciplines of acting, and find that practicing yoga helps my concentration, stillness and energy in performance.

From a teaching perspective, I’ve seen so many people heal their bodies and improve their well-being. I Love teaching and it’s beautiful to observe every student as their yoga practice evolves.

dynamic body

Letitia Wilkinson

Dynamic Body & Kula Sculpt Teacher

Letitia is a professional Dancer and graduate of London Contemporary Dance School and is passionate about exploring form and expanding function of the body. Over the years, she has been a regular practitioner in Bikram Hot Yoga and Vinyasa, integrating these methods to her lifestyle and training regime.

Letitia has a deep understanding of the body in motion, whilst training as a dancer, she explored many movement methods including release techniques, Pilate’s, Feldenkrais, Klein technique and body conditioning. These techniques have informed her approach to teaching, functionality of movement is at at the core of her classes, helping to build strength, flexibility and body awareness in every class. Her classes workout the entire body, creating strong lean muscles that will support you in and out of the studio!

vinyasa yoga

Arianna Santucci

Vinyasa & Yin Teacher

My yoga journey started a few years ago when I walked into a yoga class to find myself completely in love with it. I thought it was the most beautiful and the hardest thing I ever tried in my life. Pretty soon I was completely hooked and couldn’t stay a day without practicing. In order to understand better alignment and to progress in my own practice I embarked my first teacher training.

Other teacher trainings have followed my first one since and every time I go to the mat I find myself always looking forward to the practice and that sense of complete union and wholesomeness that you can experience with yoga.
I teach from the prospective that all the poses are possible and along the journey you will learn so much about yourself. Start to explore and you will see how amazing the journey can be.

vinyasa yoga

Katarina Rayburn

Vinyasa Teacher

From a dregree in phyiscs to training and working as an actress in London, teaching yoga full time has given Katarina a new lease of life and she has not looked back. Discovering the dynamic practice of Rocket yoga, Katarina was hooked. For the last 3 years,
she has made an annual trip to India to deepen her own practice and to continue her training.

She has trained in many styles of yoga including Ashtanga, Rocket, Yin and most recently Mandala Vinyasa working closing with Shamanic traditions and philosophies.
Katarina laces her classes with chakra and elemental theories giving the practitioner the opportunity to take their practice beyond just the physical.

vinyasa yoga

Nina Rashid

Bikram Yoga & Yin Teacher

After 21 years in the airline business I decided to teach Yoga full-time and retired my beautiful wings that took me on some fantastic journeys around the world.

I have since trained in and teach Bikram yoga, Yin, Restorative, Yoga bugs, Yoga Nidra , Meditation, Dynamic Mindfulness and am a senior teacher and injury specialist with Fierce Grace, I am also an Accessible Yoga Ambassador in the UK, aimed at making Yoga accessible to everyone. I run workshops and work at various Yoga teacher trainings, as well as my Yoga Bliss with Nina brand.

4 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and went through 9 months of surgery, chemo, radiotherapy, I taught throughout treatment and I do believe being a Yogi helped me immensely through the hard times. I currently teach Yoga & relaxation techniques for two major cancer charities in south London.I teach from my heart and soul, and am very passionate about making Yoga accessible for everyone.
Come join me on the mat, be prepared to laugh, work hard, get some deep nourishing relaxation and open your heart.

vinyasa yoga

Catia Leite

Vinyasa Teacher

Catia has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. She has the privilege to teach in some of the top yoga studios in London, teaching amazing people from all walks of life and backgrounds. She is a freelance yogini that loves to travel and to share her knowledge, as well as learn from her students and teachers.

Catia’s authentic soul is inspiring, she shares much passion, compassion, love in all her classes, age is no barrier, background or religion. She has regular community classes, to offer a safe space and cultivate a new way of living. Giving a chance to those less fortunate or unsure of their path to come in and let go through the practice of yoga. Throughout the years she gives time to organizing or part in fundraising events, such as YGB, all year round.


Baris Yazar

I.Flo Teacher

Baris has been successfully teaching Capoeira for Over 15 years in London. His outstanding capacity and contribution as a teacher to the community has been recognised through the Lukas award for ‘Best Brazilian Dance Teacher of the year’ in both 2011 and 2012. In this time he has developed a fun, challenging and exhilarating Capoeira inspired bodyweight conditioning class called i.flo – filled with efficient exercise routines and techniques, designed to aid beginners into the art of Capoeria.

In addition to teaching Capoeira, Baris has performed at many prestigious venues, including: The Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Arena and the opening of the O2 Arena. He has also participated and hosted workshops in many dance companies, universities, schools, Gyms, yoga centers, events and festivals in London and across Europe.

Michele Hallak

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Actress Michele found yoga at a young age and was blessed to be one of the last to train as a Kundalini Yoga teacher in 2004 with it’s Master Yogi Bhajan who gave her the spiritual name Bhagvati. When she was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 Michele used yoga along with a live plant-based diet to induce a spontaneous remission.
Since 2004 Michele has taught yoga all over London, as well as in Brazil & U.S.A and has recently completed her RYT500 Yogasana training with her teacher since 2004, Stewart Gilchrist who she regularly assists.

Michele is currently developing a T.V health series for the community channel & a documentary film with cancer survivors. She continues to use yoga as a therapeutic tool to aid in the recovery of her students and herself and can be found hosting her weekly yoga show on Sikh TV.