Reducing our Carbon Footprint

According to, we are using 13 billion plastic carrier bags yearly, with the world using 500 billion single-use plastic bags per year.
This is a shocking fact.
This is already affecting our ecosystem, food, and this will only get worse unless we all pull together as a world and start to really act consciously about how we use plastic. If we all start acting now to reduce our carbon footprint.

Here at Kula we have started that process to reduce our carbon footprint and we have been taking active steps to assess this problem.

  • Firslty we have stopped wet kit bags in our changing rooms and have been encouraging people to use reusable bags.
  • We have stopped selling plastic bottled water and have now started to sell Aquapax, Natural Mineral Water, which comes in a paper carton. These cartons can be refilled at our filtered water stations provided in the changing rooms.
  • We have also stopped providing plastic bags with any items sold.

With our active measures to help the world reduce it’s carbon footprint, and especially assessing the plastic usage, we are a proud to be a part of an essential movement here at Kula, and understand the importance of starting these changes inside your own community.

Global detail on plastic

On a more global basis, according to The World Economic Forum study done on plastic pollution around the globe, our Oceans will have more plastics than fish by 2050. This stat in itself doesn’t only scare me it upsets me to think we are risking our world.
However we all do have to take the blame until we start to take action ourselves and unfortunately some communities do not understand the importance of this change.

As we start out fight against going plastic free, and reducing our carbon footprint we urge our local commuhnity, the yoga community and the world to do the same. Even though we maybe a drop in the ocean, if we start to fight for this cause, that drop will make all the difference in the ocean.

We are proud to be pushing to ensure join this fight against plastic usage, not just to better our community and our city of London, but to better the world we live in.

Thanks for reading.

Written by Suraj Ghumra

Sustaining Yoga during the Summer


As summer approaches and the Sun starts to shine longer and brighter. It’s easy for us to push our yoga practise to the side and put it on the back foot. However from my personal experience it’s one of my favourite seasons to stretch out and go deeper into my mind and body.

Summer in London and England, in general is something that we cherish not only because having a sunny day is very rare. The positive side is that it does really  brighten up peoples moods and makes London (and England) a much happier place to be.
But with that comes the increase in gatherings and social events which for some the decrease in healthy physical activities such as yoga. (more…)

Kula Yoga & Wellbeing: Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 2018

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 2018

This September, Kula wellbeing starts it’s Vinyasa teacher training, which is going to be led by the lovely Beth Crivelli. Beth has been teaching Yoga since 2011 and she is not only very well experienced, but she is a humbling leader, full of knowledge, honesty and a has fantastic attitude towards ensuring the student experiences the yoga as truthfully as possible. (more…)

Men in Yoga

Men in Yoga

A topic that has interested me for a long time. Being a regular practicing and committed Yogi for 6 years, I have seen a positive increase in men practicing Yoga throughout studios in the World. Not only that but I have also seen an increase of men in yoga from all different professional and personal backgrounds starting to practice. (more…)

Yoga and Depression

Yoga and Depression

According to the Office of National Stats, as of April 2017 1 in 4 people suffer with depression, that statistic is worrying. Just knowing that on your day to day travels people around you are not feeling happy inside, and in many cases, can be suffering in silence without any form of therapy or help. (more…)

Meet The Man of Many Talents – Baris Yazar

This month I get the honour to interview Baris Yazar, a free spirit who has many talents, some of which include; teaching, healing, practicing kindness, capoeria and sharing his love and positive energy. I usually interview only Yoga teachers, but this experience was quite different for me, I started to learn more about a person that focuses all of his energy on different practices but all with the pure intention to heal. Whether he is healing confidence and mental states through Capoeira & iFlo, or healing a knee through tissue theraphy, Baris is always working for the health and wellness for the world and others. (more…)

Larisa and Andrei – Yoga Together

Yoga Together

We are a couple in mid-thirties

We started practicing hot yoga in April 2016. Our New Year resolution for 2016 was to focus on our health, eat healthier, be active, lose weight and make important changes in our lifestyle. With that in mind we decided to buy the intro offer at Kula and see whether yoga is for us. (more…)

May and Michelle – Yoga Together..

May on Practicing Yoga With Michelle..

Practicing yoga together means that we can encourage one another and keep up the momentum and motivation.

There are days when you don’t want to leave the house and your mind is occupied by all sorts. Or work has taken over your time and invaded the mind. Life, family and friends too can be demanding. So having a friend, partner in crime within your yoga classes is such a good way forward. (more…)

A Yoga Story of 2 Friends..

Annemiek (left of the picture) on practicing with Sammy

Yoga together with my friend is getting recharged, having fun and having a proper workout all together. The best thing is afterwards when you are so happy you’ve looked after yourself, your body & your mind & each other.  You sit down in the chill area, we have a little chat and we enjoying that big bottle of water that suddenly tastes better than the best G&T. It’s just a treat to share a passion like this and it makes yourself & your friendship grow stronger and stronger. (more…)